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Hawaii Five-0 Review: Off And Running

I loved the premiere! I hate that they killed off Malia, but it would have been even worse if it had been Kono. I really hope the people who are saying that Doris is Wo Fat's mother too are wrong since this isn't a soap opera. Unfortunately I would be surprised if they were. As for the claw, it was over the top, but it didn't bother me. Is there really anyone who watches H50 because they think it's realistic?

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Marching In

I really enjoyed this episode. I wasn't fond of the earlier part of this season, but the last few episodes have done a lot to remind me what I liked so much about season 1. They're getting back to the Steve and Danny banter and also the team stuff. That is what I like about this show, the characters and relationships, more than the cops and robbers stuff. Also on the plus side, I liked Mary Ann a lot more this time than ever before. I've always thought the character was annoying, but I like what they did with her this time. If the writers keep writing the character like that, instead of whining and totally annoying, I hope they bring her back again.

Hawaii Five-O Review: "Lanakila"

Yes, to those who were wondering, I read on another website that Scott Caan hurt his knee doing a stunt for the show. They wrote it into the episode, that's why he had the cane. I totally understand that he was hurt and couldn't do a lot, but I really hope he's in the episode more. My favorite thing about the show is the Steve and Danny banter. There was some of that, but not as much as usual. I missed it. Of course, the whole show could be Steve and Danny banter and I'd still want more, so maybe it's just me. ;-)

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