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ok glee is reaaally starting to annoy me with such inconsistencies!! whatever though, i don't even care that much as before. it's hard for me to say it, but i already gave up on it a little. it's amazing how last season i was rooting for all episodes and storylines and this season has ended and i'm feeling like...okkk that was it? i felt like all i watched was couples hooking up, breaking up and then hooking up with another member of glee club! take sam and mercedes!! dude, he is blonde, tall, has a rocking body...i don't care if he is homeless, i don't fall for that $hit! even chord (who plays sam) doesn't look like he can believe it either...at least mark (who plays puck) made a better job at believing his 'love' situation.
well, anyways. may i just say..not impressed and hoping a little bit that season 3 delivers 110% more than what ryan murphy trying to break schemes so far!


I so agree that AND Sez!!! RYAN MURPHY TAKE A HIKE!

Glee Review: Taking a Holiday...

I just have to say...I agree with Kitty and Rank. This show was AWESOME first half of first season, after the break it kinda started rambling a little bit but then it came all together with Journey wich I loved!! So I was really looking forward for season 2...but when it comes to all these guest stars, under developed story lines, too many characters in off and on relationships, and etc. it just feels like they are not focusing on the show itself but on trying to keep it "trendy" with to date topic issues but it's definitely not seeling with the loyal fans since the beginning.
RYAN MURPHY, GO F...CKING do something

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