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Would you ship Klaus/Caroline if Klaus wasn't evil?

klaroline is really the best thing that could happen in tvd because these two are really complementary.

i think that it's not the question about klaus is a  good or a bad person..the path is that k is a man who's been around for all these years and he has all this experience that is perfectly comparable to what car would like now but most of all..in her future..

the most interesting thing is their understanding about what they want from their lives..and caroline don't want a small life in a small city...and that's true and right and klaus know that..

and then..they have this incredible chemistry..and connection both as klaroline that as candice and joseph.

i was really surprised by the first scene that these two sharing some times ago..because the bond was immediately very intense to be their first scene together

I would be really upset if the writers decided not to develop this couple because honestly these two are a perfet match!!

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