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agree with you regarding blair throwing a party! come on. she's b. she shouldn't search for a date. she should sit back, relax, and 'assess offers' without even trying to get some. here's the link for the 3rd clip:


i love darena!! too bad, things have been very messed up for them to reunite.. but if somewhat they do, i'm up for it! i like serenate, but i love darena :)

Jessica Szohr Covers 2 Magazine

I love Jessica! But I LOATHE Vanessa.
JED = loving it
VUCK = NO NO NO.. I'll stop watching GG if this happens I believe that many other people do too. Who's with me?

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I read at that there are filmings in jail, mayor office, and city hall. I really hope that the Louis' return rumor is true (& a possible wedding somehow). Blair Cornelia Grimaldi sounds like the perfect name. Still, I don't actually see any of the teenage main characters having any reason to get married this season. 

1) Do you think Louis will return? There are no official hints about that and the actor does not even live in the States

2) Do you believe that there will be a wedding of a teenage main character this season? If so, who? Blair/Louis, Blair/Dan, Blair/Chuck, Lily/William, or who else

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All Aboard Ship Royalty!

Let's keep bumping! Let everyone (& HOPEFULLY THE WRITERS) know that LOUIS NEEDS TO COME BACK, for a few episodes or even endgame. Wow. A cinderella moment that ends GG, PERFECT! Is there anyway to make the writers notice that it's be really great to have louis in GG again with a decent storyline! Blair cornelia grimaldi for the win!!
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All Things Chair

hi guys..


just wanna say that i won't be around anymore as i've decided to quit the show once and for all. it's more than i don't like a certain storyline or what, it's that i've completely lost my trust in the writers, ss, & js.

i know that a show certainly needs drama, but too much is just too much. and (at least imo, i know that some may disagree) stupid omg is just stupid. i feel that all they think is how to put more and more omg. the omgs & wtfs in season 1 were mostly 'smart', but now, it feels that the WTF is the wtf itself.

tv show captures a journey, and there must be bumps along the way. it's not just the end that matters, the journey matters! you can't say something is epic just because the ending is epic. who cares that a couple is endgame if their journey has been unbearable?!

afterall, i watched gg for fun, and i've always enjoyed it up until now. i was always ok the chuck/amelia sl, blair/nate reunion sl, even scott sl (despite i wanted dan to be back with serena so bad), vuck (i don't want it to progress, but i never loathe their one night stand), all else. you know why?! because i believed in the writers. i knew that it would be worth it in the end. but i feel different this time. i've completely lost my faith in them. and who can be in a bumpy journey with a lack of faith.

perhaps what hits me really hard too is that i feel that ss & js have lied. with all the damage control interviews, reassuring tweets, denials, chair forever trailers ... ugh. seriously?! not spoiling the plot with lying is different. for example, ss said that the uk promo was misleading.

anyway, i know that some people are actually enjoying where this show is going. and as much as i loathe the direction of this show, i don't want to whine. when a lot of people complained a lot about chair in early season 3, i always thought that if they hated the show so much, they should just have quitted. so when i'm now in such point, i need to do the same

will i check how things go in s4 to watch again? nope. not even paris interests me in these circumstances. as i said, i've completely lost my trust; and a bumpy journey without a firm grip won't be enjoyable. i watch tv show for fun, so when i feel the opposite, it's best to quit. i can still watch the great s1 & s2 gg in dvds.

so long & farewell..






in case you wonder: am i still a chair shipper? yes. one bias reason to quit the show is because i don't want to see chair ruined even harder (seriously, what else can the writers think?!), so that at least, it's an awesome memory of them that i keep

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