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Gossip Girl Review: Call Me Serena!

I really didn't enjoy Monday's episode. I mean the plot was all over the place. They only thing that made me laugh was Charlie "Call me Serena" I can't get enough of her. God she really is crazy. I am a DB fan so I was really disappointed in the lack of DB scenes in the whole episode. DB are funny, smart and just plain adorable. It would have been great just to see them together even for one second.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "Petty in Pink"

Dan and Blair were amazing in Petty and Pink they are absolutely adorable :) I honestly believe that Prince Louis is shady because he just popped out of nowhere and somehow decided to propose to Blair (are they serious) everything will probably end up screwed up since this is GG.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 152

Charlie: So...what do you guys do for fun around here?
Serena: Ohh you know the usual.....shop, go to parties, scheme plots of revenge, steal each other's boyfriends! And the best part is that it's all recorded on Gossip Girl!
Charlie: hahahaa ..wait you're serious?