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Don't like the Gibbs/Lawyer thing, she's sooo not right for him, she's pushy and errogant, Remember Hollis? Gibbs is fine on his own. Or put him with Abby, they're cute together and the sexual tension is amazing. Abby and McGeek was just too cutsey, Gibbs is like her polar opposite and that's why they work. She's the only woman that's lasted with him, isnt afraid of him an understands him, she doesnt threaten his memories of Shannon. And for her, he's a solid force for her, he gets her and loves her quirks. You don't have to actually have them sleep together though it would be great but hints that they're together and happy would work. Twenty years of greiving is over the top and every actress other than Jenny Sheppards (Holly) just doesn't fit. You blew it not hooking them up when you had the chance so let's give Abby and Gibbs a shot.

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