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Little Miss GG

Well...I love Gossip Girl (of course), love Indie music (including that on GG) and Chair is my favourite couple on the show. 
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Little miss gg
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I agree with Maya that the dress is too low, but it IS a stunning dress. It just should have been made up in a more modest way. I think she would have looked a lot more stunning if there was less cleavage. Sometimes less is more. Let's hope there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction, and the top half of the dress didn't slip off her completely. It's certainly close to it.

Little miss gg
A Hot Kiss

I totally agree MotherChuckingBasstard! This kiss is awkward. It looks wrong. Don't see the "sweetness" in it at all.

Little miss gg

haha. I love how the guy in the first video says, "Chuck Bass? That's his actual name?" because I personally thought when I first started watched the show that it was an unusual name. And I liked how the guy also said, "That's not his name! It's Lance Bass." Now where did that come from?!

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