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I want everyone from the team to stay. I want Emily back and for Reid to stay. How would they replace him. Unless they brought in Sheldon from Big Bang. Ha ha. But that wouldn't work the show is too serious. I didn't like the other Criminal mind show. Please please bring back Emily and keep everyone else including JJ. Oh and I agree with another writer. We should see more of JJ's husband. Maybe even include him on the team. He is a well liked character.


I love the larger cast. Although Priya is more villainous, I think she should remain in the cast. I think the show does well with this larger cast and it is much funnier. Amy is hilarious. It is funny that She has her doctrine in real life. She used to play Blossom as a child star and now Amy. She's perfect for Sheldon. I think the show really needed a group of girls. Penny is very funny also.

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