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The Mentalist Review: Cho Smiles!

I would not see the show if not for Jane. I recall that the show is called The Mentalist, he is the protagonist, Lisbon is a secondary character, if she died as a character, you do not desire, the show would continue without her. The show may have more than 60 million viewers around the world and it isn't because of Lisbon (the show is not about Lisbon and friends). I irrated me that fans who write about Lisbon, always criticize Jane, if you do not like to see him leave the show. This show has a protagonist and his name is Patrick Jane. If you'll notice, Lisbon's personality is created to be a counterweight to Jane.
I think Lisbon is irrelevant. She is a bossy with Jane, but she leaves him qu resolve the cases. She has no sense of humor and sometimes she is cruel to him. But this is television.
If I had to choose I would stay with the first season where she had less prominence and there was more interaction between Jane and the rest of the team.
I never write in forums I am a normal viewer, but some followers of Lisbon-Tunney are very biased and they do not do her any favors. Sorry for my English.