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Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Break Up!

They were the only celebrity couple I care about. :'(

OMG: TVF Staffer Meets Penn Badgley!

Unf Penn ♥ Aww Taylor relaxing in the backgorund.

Blake Lively Featured in Marie Claire UK

@ phoebe I hate all the Leighton vs Blake, both are beautiful in their own way but I think Blake has a better manager or idk. Anyway, I love Blake and she looks so gorgeous, this is one of my favorites photoshots of her.

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Dan and Serena need to come back

You want to punch her just because she married someone that makes her happy?

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Basic question to all the Chair fans ...

As a Delena shipper I have been attacked by other fans for shipping such a couple, accused to be a sick person for loving a character like Damon. This have made me understand Chair fans a little. I ship Delena but it doesn't mean I want my boyfriend or suitor to kill my brother IRL. As long as the person knows to separate reality with fiction is ok. Some people like dark things. What Chuck did was wrong but not for that I'm going to do personal attacks to people who likes him, it's just a show that isn't even that good anymore.

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Serena with a guest star?

And he is going to be her new love interest?!?

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