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CHAIR BABY!?!?!?!! (Spoilers)

Ok...i don't know who's test it was

but think about, that maybe Louis and Blair did have sex ...maybe the day after she had it with Chuck, or another day during these 3 weeks..

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Amie you know i love your posts (sorry, i don't know is this your real name ;-)

That is exactly what i'm thinking right now...She just so sure, that nobody can accept this her "dark side", that she even doesn't give Louis a chance, you can see it in the scene, where She told him: I understand, that you want to end it"...Oh my Gosh, Blair (and GG writers) you have to understand, that this is no shame in such things, and maybe  there are a guy, who truly likes you (or even loves)...all of you...

It's all Chuck, he convinced her, that they are some immoral people, who will be happy together, because everyone else couldn't understand them...

All this time, when Louis gave her so many chances...she must understand, that he always can understand her, believe her words....

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Right!!! Louis and Chuck are so different...And I prefer Louis (2 years ago i hadn't even a thought that i willn't support Chair)

Louis is generous, amazing guy, who knows what he wants, his words "I want you, Blair..." made my day ))) Just like Amie said he is so mature  and he never even said : Choose either me or Chuck... This is his main strain...he will respect her choice no matter what she deceide... And i love it in him....And what about Chuck?! he think that Yeah, i said those three words, and this mean We belong together...!!??? WTF Blair was right he needs to grow up..and more he needs to understand, that sometimes you have to sacrifice something, and not Love of your Life, but yourself ...It's allways just words, but i didn't see any of acts since season 2...

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