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what the heck?
potentially irrepairable?
this is stupid..
chuck and blair shouldnt break up..
the only get together this season..


gosh, i really hate jenny this season..
she is such a frickin bitch..
and why did it have to be nate and serena..
they just got together this season..
geez..not cool..


nate and serena really need to get together..
they look awesome together..

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Chuck and Blair getting married.

a chuck and blair wedding would be AWESOME!!

but not right now..

maybe in the last season or something, but defo not right now..

it would mess things up big time..

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If you could be best friends with any character on GG, who would it be?

best guy friend would be eric.. definitely, he's awesome.. but then again, same with chuck, as Sarah 213 said, he's very loyal.. so yea.. and as for girls.. um, i dunno.. maybe vanessa..
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DV wedding by end of the season...

LOL,i thought u were talking about dan and vanessa..

woah, glad u arent..

and anyways, a dorota and vanya wedding would be AWESOME!


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