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Thinking after watching season 3/23 3x now that alison was buryed alive and some unknown person all we see is the hand ending ep 23 hum; did mona or tobby save alison and haven t told a sole yet ? ?

A dAngerous gAme

In the last 5 min they are seen agreeing alison is still alive and is the lady in red and A; they drive home and come across the cop car pulled out of the lake with the web cam running which; so unbelievable better late then never ! ! they watch it which confirms jenna and shawna are deeply involded; i think they see blood leaking from the car trunk and open the trunk up and i'll guess they see a dead Jenna and shawna; the cell phones go crazy as they get a text from A trying to con them saying she owns them now because she rescued them all from the burning house; but wouldn t think they owe her a thing . The girls are owed and hopefully the are figuring how to destroy alison in season 4 fingers crossed it starts up soon . . later . .

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