I am a young professional who's addicted to Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, GLEE, and now Private Practice.  Miss you Ugly Betty!!!  Mwah!!
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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 232

With their hands pressed gently beneath her belly, he sought to comfort her as she hoped for a healthy child.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 226

"Grey's Cast Reacts to Pompeo's Sixth Toe"

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 221

Thank God I'm wearing a diaper.

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Test Your Grey's IQ! (Site Suggestion)

I am McFabulous!!!

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Best Love Scene! (Relationships)

Mark and Lexie "Teach me"

Mark and Callie "The Sloane Method"

Mark and Addie "I am actively not thinking about you right now"

Alex and Izzie where a tearful Alex says "Please"

Alex and Izzie where she realizes he doesn't want to see other people

Alex and Izzie wedding

MerDer Prom

MerDer Elevator Kiss

Owenstina's first time post choking

Burke and Christina while he's in the hospital bed

George's shower fantasy

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CANCER (Episodes)

Now that Izzie has milked the cancer cow, do you find it difficult to watch a show where the lead character, or one of the main, has cancer?

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