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can someone please just donate some jeans!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Wednesday Edition

OH and BTW
3. Chuck's comments about his parents from the pilot are totally unreliable because Chuck was never going to be a main charater and he was going to be kept like in the books and in the books his parents are just genericly in existence. But then the producers decided they liked Ed so gave him a story and to make it exciting killed his mother and presumably to let his father ruin Rufus and Lily.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Wednesday Edition

1. Anne Hathaway is such a random references.
2. Tht is a really good picture of Blake.

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Who do u think Nate RECONNECTS with? Blair or Serena

It's got to be Blair!!! The producers should have realized by know that all the book fans (an accountable number) only watch the show in the vague, desperate hope that they'll get BN moments.

*fingers crossed*

Plus I'm sure I read something on here about Blair and Nate like reminiscing at the end of high school because they had so much history... or something like that.

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Episode Titles

Can anyone help me? I'm trying to work out all the play on words in the titles. I was doing quite well until, well here's my list:

The Wild Brunch - The Wild Bunch, film with William Holden

Poison Ivy - Poison Ivy, Batman film

Bad News Blair - Bad News Bears, film with Walter Matthau

Dare Devil - Daredevile, film with Ben Affleck

The Handmaiden's Tale - The Handmaid's Tale, book (with astounding parallels to the episode) and film with Aidan Quinn

Victor/Victrola - Yes this one got me? Is it as obvious as I think or is it just me?

Seventeen Candles - Sixteen Candles, film with Molly Ringwald (Ironic how according to the books Blair is supposed to be 16 in Junior year.)

Blair Waldorf Must Pie - John Tucker Must Die, film with Jesse Metcalfe

Hi, Society - High Society, film with Grace Kelly

Roman Holiday - Roman Holiday, film with Audrey Hepburn

School Lies - School Ties, film with Ben Affleck

Thin Line between Chuck and Nate - A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, film with Martin Lawrence

The Blair Bitch Porject - The Blair Witch Project, film with Heather Donahue

Desperatley Seeking Serena - Desperatley Seeking Susan, film, also set in New York with Madonna

All About My Brother - ???

Woman on the Verge - Woman on the Edge ???

Much 'I Do' about nothing - Much Ado About Nothing, play

Summer kind of Wonderful - Somet Kind of Wonderful, film with Eric Soltz

Never Been Marcused - Never Been Kissed , film with Drew Barrymore

The Dark Night - The Dark Knight, Batman Film

The Ex-Files - The X-files, TV Series with Gillian Anderson

The Serena Also Rises - The Sun Also Rises, book and film with Ava Gardener

New Haven Can Wait - Heaven can wait, film with Julie Christie

Chuck In Real Life - Dan in Real Life, film with Steve Carell

Pret-a-Poor-J - Prêt-à-Porter, film with Sophia Loren

There Might be Blood - There Will be Blood, film with Daniel-Day Lewis

Bonfire of the Vanity - The Bonfire of the Vanities, film with Tom Hanks

The Magnificent Archibalds - The Magnificent Ambersons? Maybe it's a film with Joseph Cotton???

It's a Wonderful Lie - It's a Wonderful Lie, film with James Stewart

O Brother, Where Bart Thou? - Oh Brother, Where Art Thout? film with George Clooney

In the Realm of the Basses - In the Realm of the Hackers??? Again not sure.

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Should an 11-year-old really be watching Gossip Girl???!!!!

Small point, would an eleven year old even understand half the references?

I started reading Gossip Girl when I was 13 and it was just before I went into 8th Grade, this makes my next statement hyprocritical but I so wouldn't let anyone under high-school age watch it because as little as you believe it just 8th grade to Freshmen year you learn so much about sex and alcohol.

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