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NCIS Preview: "Masquerade"

I have no idea what people see in LA NCIS.
I was concerned that the original show would change and be more like the LA version. I think the show has changed to a degree. But, the characters are so much better cast than in LA. Don't mean to be absolutely critical, but the actors on LA may be good, but the characters are shallow, with too much emphasis on being "cool".
I think it's wonderful to see one of my first favorite actors- David McCallum on screen again. Such a sharp, subtle star. Michael Weatherly makes being a pain adorable some how. I love all the characters, and my husband especially likes Abby. Actually, the characters play as if a wonderful talented band that has great stage chemistry. It's a great wonderful development of a on screen family. Oh, how can I possibly leave out Mark Harmon? His character shows great depth and a good portrayal of a marine. My dad was one, and he often reminds me of him. Thank you all for a wonderful show!