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Terra Nova Review: Who Has Skeletons?

Still so much wrong with this show. Why did they not use the DNA analyzer from last week to check the ID on the corpse? No, instead we are forced to sit through a children's play. It's so obvious that Malcolm is the mole. And what about that ambush? Do the soldiers not know how to lock their doors? I say the Sixers have the probe and that is how they are communicating with the future.The show is soooo predictable. The writing is on the wall and with the ratings starting to drop like a stone, get ready to say Bye-Bye to Terra Nova.
It is currently the second lowest rated scripted show on Fox, only Fringe is lower in the ratings.

Terra Nova Review: When The Lights Go Out

Another really lame episode. Where to start? Why is there no shielding against the EMP? Current military have protection against it. Surely in 150 years they have developed other methods of shielding everything, especially the weaopons. they said they have been victims of an EMP in the future. Then we have this silly setup. Shannon and Zoe are trapped in "The Eye". The only manual escape is on the outside, none on the inside?!?! The Access panel is only big enough for a five-year-old child. What happens if there were a fire,any adult in there would be dead unless they have a child under glass for emergencies. Lazy, silly writing. Why hasn't this been cancelled yet?