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Big Love Finale Review: A Major Letdown

Several seasons back, when Margene's mother was upset about their "illegitimate children" Bill told her that he had insurance policies and mortgage insurance on the houses in each wife's name and funds for each child, so they would always be protected. They may not have been left wealthy but probably would be secure.
I don't see Margene as leaving the family any more than any parent who travels as part of their work. Remember, these children have multiple mothers -they are not alone.
Nikki has always been my favorite because she is a survivor. She may be damaged and dysfunctional due to her upbringing but she can replace a garbage disposal, butcher a pig or decorate a living room. She has had to find her own way in the real world and has failed often, but she has found creative ways in the process. She was never dull. Perhaps she took the lead in reforming the compounds?