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Arrow Review: Down for The Count

If I remember correctly, Slade becomes Death Stroke, one of Arrow's biggest nemesis. I hope this is what happens. I am a big Manu Bennet fan and would like to see more of him and not just in flash backs on the island.

Arrow Review: Unwanted Exposure

I think that John Barrowman will die and Tommy take over the reigns. I think Capt. Jack has another show he is slated to be in. I also think the Ollie's sister's boyfriend will somehow get to work with the Arrow. I really liked last night's episode, set up for a good season finale.

Defiance Review: New Beginnings

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut. It did have some Farscape feel to it which will keep me engrossed to see how this series is going to play out. Nothing will ever take the place of Farscape however.