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Gossip Girl Review: World War Waldorf

I thought the episode was good I love that bair went to Dan place and said he has her heart it was great. And the part that she said his first name so cute. I can't believe that we have to wait for the next episode to long.

Hart of Dixie Review: Snoooooow Day!

I dont know if anyone else think this but I thought this week was kidna boring. You just see it coming what going to happen and I think it should just happen all redy.

Jane By Design Review: Everyone Loves Nachos

I liked jane and nick but it just got me to love billy more. I do agreed there should be more jeremy and jane time I dont think they should be together but they are so cute together. Hope next good too

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Exec Kevin Williamson: "Delena Will Happen This Season!"

So happy that they will get together.

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Stefan and Caroline Awww

Yea i starting to love the Carloine and Stefan thing. My favorite secen was when she said about Stefan faces his worry face it was so cute. I'm thinking before there going to be something there someday.

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Damon lied!!!!!

 Damon deserved what Elena did to him and  i kinda like that Elena hate him beause we will see more Damon caring for her and trying to make it up to her. Which it will get them close then ever when she dose and she will.

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