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This show is good, but it is far from great. Outside of Will's speech at Northwestern, it hasn't really had any great moments. I disagree about Maggie's character because she so far is the only one I really care about and think has been well-written and even better acted. Outside of that, I agree with just about everything in the review. This show will be given room to improve, but it's going to have to improve. It didn't start out of the gate as well-written or grabbing as either West Wing or Sports Night. The series is going to have to catch up to the present in a hurry. Here's why. Just as Studio 60 suffered because it was about a comedy and wasn't funny, Newsroom is about a show trying to make a difference, and while it's using real events, we know it made no difference. If it tries to take credit for changing the course of events to an outcome that already happened, we'll know that's not the reason. It can't win using that premise. The real news events is a gimmick and a backdrop. If the writing and the relationships come around to what Sorkin is capable of, and he's capable of absolute greatness, then the show will succeed. Matt Albie on Studio 60 was supposed to be a brilliant writer, but the sketches on the show were never funny. Will McAvoy is supposed to be a crusader, but if he doesn't make a difference, it undermines the whole concept of his character. If the characters and the writing stay this flat, than the old news gimmick will become more distracting and 2 seasons may be all we get.

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