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At least Chuck will have proper SL


I miss CB :(

Anybody Got a Piano?

I just love the phrases you used...♥ lol

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KissandTell Cast BTS

ok. i think this extra is a dair fan, and wants Dair to she'll say anything to make it seem like DL are the closest, because she loves dair! I don't care what anyone says, they have their days. Blake can't give attention every single day to every single extra! She does this every single day, that's not easy to do. I know I wouldn't..even though I am a nice person.

but DB doesn't depend on PL

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Ben And Serena (Spoilers)

A SDB triangle is possible, I heard something that Dan will be torn up between Blair and Serena. And that Serena gets mad with Blair, and Blair decides to get out of the city but the empire will burn down or something. And Chuck will end up in prison. So Blair wont go.

I cannot stop laughing

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Blake & Ryan

Who knows the real truth? I mean, we can talk, judge but they are real people too.

You never can understand other people in everything.

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