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Glee Review: "Grilled Cheesus"

I hate to say, for me, it was an uneven episode. Chris Colfer's performance, both acting and singing, was, as usual, incredibly beautiful and moving, and Jane Lynch once again brought amazing depth to her character; but many other performances felt flat and uninspired. Although I can appreciate the difficulty of bringing the subject matter of religion and spirituality to a program such as this, I feel this is where the episode truly lost it's way. For me, it felt too preachy and focused on the "traditional and mainstream", while displaying only a thin veneer of diversity and tolerance. What we basically wound up with was the traditional Judeo-Christian juggernaut of (for the most part) normalcy, versus Atheism espoused by two troubled individuals who disavow the existence of "god" because of emotional pain and cruelty suffered at the hands of supposed believers. Really? That's it? That's all we get to represent and explore the amazingly complicated, beautiful, and diverse subject of religion and spirituality? What about perfectly happy and well adjusted individuals who happen to be Atheist because exploration into religion has them convinced that this path is the most logical? How about Taoist or Buddhist (for heavens sakes, there are two Asians present) who do not believe in an anthropomorphic view of the creative force? The Hindu polytheist? The Pagan who sees the divine force as female? Hello?? Showing diversity and tolerance....I think not. For someone who adores this show(and believe me, I do),I was felt deeply let down. If not for the amazing performances of Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer, I hate to say I wouldn't have had much reason to even watch this episode. What a shame. Another opportunity missed, another ball dropped.