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Doctor Who Review: Winter Is Coming

The bit where she comments on the Tardis-- the difference is that everyone always says, "It's bigger on the inside!" Where Clara said, "It's smaller on the outside!" That's what the Doctor was getting at, for some reason she sees the world a bit different. It will be interesting to see what they do about River Song. Will they explain her absence? Or are we to just forget she exists--like she disappeared along with her parents? Or, will she return and have havoc ensue due to the new cutie in the Tardis-- it's a bit different than having Mum and Dad following him around. She does seem to understand that loving the Doctor is a very tough row to how, there were some comments during the "Angels take Manhattan" episode by River that were quite sad, even though I really don't particularly like her. At first I thought that Clara would turn out to be like Jack--but if she was the Doctor and /or Tardis should have noticed. SO it will be very interesting to see what or who she really is.