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Great ending!!! McGarret may be a trained SEAL however he was in the middle of learning the depth that the Governor's betrayal in regards to his family and that is the ONLY reason he did not see Wo Fat coming behind him.
I laughed out loud when they were voting about Steve breaking into the mansion and he pointed out it was not a democracy but a benevelant dicatorship! Best line of the night!

Criminal Minds Review: "Corazon"

Reid is having to deal with a lot over the last couple with Gideon leaving and just leaving him a note like his father his parents, JJ leaving the show. He also doesnt handle change well. I think he is holding a lot inside. Also just because the scans show nothing at this time, he could have a small tumor or maybe an anuresym. I hops he is just holding a lot inside and needs to relieve it. Speaking from experience, doing that can cause migraines.