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NCIS Season Finale Preview: What Next?!

Gahhhh! Just finished watching it on the computer. Soooo annoyed by the cliffhanger! My tiny brain doesn't have room for all that curiosity! =)
"Hope we don't see EJ again next season unless she's in handcuffs..." Lol my thoughts exactly. I don't like her, and ESPECIALLY not for Tony =)
I really don't like CIRay either and am glad they didn't get engaged. Hope it doesn't happen ever, at all. (Hmmm...I'm noticing a pattern...I don't like anyone for Ziva or Tony besides each other.☺)
I love this series SO MUCH that I'll be happy with anything that comes up...as long as
1: The whole team stays together (No more leaving to join other teams please! As Tony said, "Why walk away from something good?")
And 2: EJ/CiRay don't come and mess with Tiva. =)