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i dont get it. they cut chord out and he is a really good singer. but they keep ashley?? her character is useless he cant sing and in my opinion she shouldnt be with puck so i would write her off. sry for my english


nobody knows where we might end up... nobody knows
i was starting to cry when i heard that and really cried when mark said shes my best friend
i relly cant wait till next thursday :))

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Nair Thread.

i just watched a youtube video and realized that now where blair doesnt scheme as much and really just wants to be happy she and nate would be so great together. and nate would get a storyline :) sry for my english

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If you could bring back any dead characters, which would you bring back?

elijah but he isnt really dead anyway and pearl,anna,lexie and vicki

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the pony is really adorable :)

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