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Almost NO DEREK??? What kind of episode was this? I


Great episode, for sure.
But the problem is too much people.
Too much storylines to be told in just one episode.
That’s why we feel some of them were wasted. I love a lot of PD, and he rocks as always, but for sure we needed more interaction with Amelia.
I’m proud he stood up for Cristina. And I’m tired to talk about how we miss MerDer scenes…

Maura Tierney Agrees to Tell The Whole Truth

Can't wait for the premiere tomorrow! I hope it's a great show!

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Test Your Grey's IQ! (Site Suggestion)

CALL A DOCTOR too! lol

I know a lot about the characters in the show but not much about their personal lifes! :)

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Season finale photos! (Spoilers)

wow, what's April doing in attending scrubs? and looking so scared...

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Least favourite episode (Episodes)

Me too. not an episode, but somes scenes and plots.

I hate Rose! Most of ALL!!! the plant is hilarious!!

Dead Denny. All about new interns (s4) and mercy westers (s6).

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