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Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Stefan and Elena (The Vamire Diaries)
Finn and Rachel (Glee)

Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: A Forwood Feud

Poor Forewood...There are too many things to ruin this couple:Pebacca is around, Klaus will come for Tyler and Tyler himself is so excited that he doesn't see blood's drop on his shirt...Damn it...!

Bonnie and Jeremy

and it's not Jeremy for sure, I agree.It's Matt

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I love this show!I have been watching it from the very beginning!That's why I didn't really care when TVD become to be almost a shit)because I finally found a show which it is really interesting and exciting to watch!!!They've made a fantastic job this season and I am sure they are going to do this wonderful job next seasons...I'm in love with the characters and two worlds which are mirrors of each other!

I was so happy Charming and Snow have found each other in the end and then Rumpel has changed the rules of the game...As I have understood now everything will be happining in the fairytale world?

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3x22 - FInale Thread

If Elena is so selfless she would become a vampire long time ago...cause that was the only one way for her friends to be protected and for her to be never founded and used by klaus,Esther and so on!!!when she first heard about kathrine or klaus coming for her blood she should have said"guys,nobody will look after me if I would turn in to vampire..." but she just cried that she want everybody to be safe
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Stelena Appreciation Thread

Hi girls! How are you?

I have been watching this last epi previous night...I couldn't wait more...I was voting for SE till the end and they have happened!!!!I really think there are going to be complications in front of them along the way...this is what real realtions are...People should come together through everything and after all the difficalt moments grow to love each other stronger than it was before.

I don't think the fact that Damon has met her first is an important thing...Guess Plec made it just to calm down DE's fans before the summer...I'm a bit confused Plec told that SE are going to be together for a while...I want them to become one!But there is always going to be Damon around so we have to deal with the fact that he has feelings for Elena and wants to be with her but the thing he's met her first doesn't change anything. ANd I continue to repeat Elena's words that she can't unfall for STefan...He's the only one,not because it's safe to be with him, but because that's what love is:to be with a person because of whom you want to be alive...


tvlover92 totally am with you in this!you're so right...Damon told her to find and fight for what she want..and that was and is STefan...

The only thing that bothers me is this stupied connection with creator...that sucks, because blood is Damon's for sure...who else can be a donoe for Meredith?

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