"God is always watching, Miss Blair"

I love Chair, wish Dan and Blair were best friends, Dislike Vanessa, and like Georgina
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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 74

Blair: And I was like "why you so obsessed with me?"

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I was looking at this site and it still had the old banner, then I clicked something and suddenly it changed haha. I like it

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The Drowning Man mad me laugh too haha ^^ Im excted for Whitney, whoever she is, cause I keep getting this feeling the writers are picking on Blair and giving her to many enimies. I just hope this girl isnt fake and going to backstabb Blair.

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Gossip Girl Role Play is back!

(OOC: Can I join in as Dorota again?)

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Eric & Jenny Playing... (Spoilers)

A spoon, a common Assassin weapon

That made me lol. xD

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The GG Hiatus

At the moment I'm only bothering to watch The Office.  I might look in to watching Glee and/or Make It Or Break It, since my friends tell me its good.

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