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I had never seen Mad Men "new" before - I had become hooked on it with my sister on DVDs and we were waiting for this. I thought it was right on target and just resumed where it left off with a slightly different feeling. The whole thing with Don and his new wife showed there was trouble in paradise and her "Scooby doo" song annoyed the crap out of all of us watching. But it was funny when Roger asked his wife why she didn't sing like that and without missing a beat asked why he doesn't look like that. Anyway, I look forward to the upcoming shows and hope they don't decided to take another long hiatus!


Last night's pilot was the most action packed hour of TV I've seen in recent memory. I hope that this vehicle works for Alex O'Loughlin - I've been a fan of his since his series "Moonlight" which died, IMHO, because of the writer's strike of 09'. I hope three is a charm for him!