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Aww, that was beautiful. I almost teared up a little :)

Gossip Girl Review: Tag Teams and Takedowns

Let's be serious, the only people whining about Chuck being a murderer are people who hated him already. Bart was actively trying to kill him. He'd threatened to kill Blair. He'd killed at least two other people that we know about, and most likely more. He fell off the roof in the act of punching Chuck in the face. So explain to me, who in their right mind would attempt to save the life of someone who was trying to kill them? Someone lacking either a brain or a very strong sense of self-preservation, I guess.


For the record, I actually do think Dan loves Serena. I think he's just a raging hypocrite. If Serena published an article about what a pathetic loser he is, and then was like "what, I just told the truth, I totes still love you though", how do you think he'd react to that?

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Fed Up

"Realistically speaking, not everyone recognizes that last episode's abuse falls under the category of "things you really shouldn't be doing.""

Really? You don't think Chuck's actions were portrayed in a negative light? Even though he was obviously drunk, desperate, out-of-control, so he screwed up horrendously and ended up losing the only people he cared about as a result? Ending up bleeding and alone in a pile of broken glass? How is that *not* showing his actions in a negative light? You honestly think anyone's going to watch that scene and think, man, that looks pretty awesome, I should get myself a relationship like that? How stupid would you have to be to find that appealing?

Of course it was horrible and unhealthy- it was *supposed* to be. People are freaking out on the producers like they don't realize that, when it's the entire reason they wrote it. The whole point was to have Chuck hit rock bottom.

Now, whether you think he can come back from this? Not everyone will agree, but I guarantee you the producers think he can, and that's what they're planning on doing.

Either way, freaking out about this whole thing being brushed under the rug, when we haven't even seen the outcome or the character's reactions, is being ridiculously premature. They've said they're planning on addressing it- so give them a chance to. If it's still not to your satisfaction, feel free to whine about it then.

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