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Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Chuck and Blair (gossip girl)
Damon and elena (the vampire diaries)

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Chuck Bass/ Ed Westwick appreciation thread

oh I get the game.

so what?




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Set Gossip Girl 7/7 (Spoilers)

Set video:

At 0:36 Blair looks at a group of pregnant women with a baby, and she hide her belly with the bag the entire time.

It looks like blair is preggers to me. I'm not really happy about that. This storyline will be a mess. Remember, Chuck shooting? FAIL. Lily "Fake" cancer? FAIL. Blair ED sl? FAIL...

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Good bye to Gossipgirlsss??

It wasn't gossip girlsss who leaked the scripts. It was on the imdb forum. The writers actually said on their twitter that the member of ggsss site helped them finding the mole.
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