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Castle Review: "Countdown"

Ahh! So many opportunities for them to confess their feelings were missed! The biggest one: with only a few seconds left before the bomb's countdown expires and no sure way of disabling it, I really think Castle would be the type of person to shout out "I love you" to Kate. Of course we knew that some solution to the bomb would come up, but Castle couldn't have known that.


I completely agree with Silvie! Love Maggie Q and the rest of the cast, and the show, and where Mikita might go!

Gossip Girl Review: Ostroff the Wagon

"Vanessa cracks and sells out Jenny as the sole culprit. Wow, V." Yeah, no kidding. Vanessa has to be the most easily-manipulated person on the show (...in recent memory). It was a pretty good episode, Dorota was awesome, Chair was awesome, nice to see Dan stand up to Lily. Juliet is definitely the most evil villain Gossip Girl has seen yet. Can't wait for next week's episode when she gets taken down. Derena Derena Derena! Writers, please keep them together for longer than 2 seconds. Kind of sad that Penn Badgley and Blake Lively broke up just as Dan and Serena are getting back together though.

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