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South Park Review: Who is Mysterion?

My last and craziest version Myserion = Wendy ya ya Clyde only cover for her - cause she had to get into Cartmans coon basment to spy on him to see his dumb plans :D so they could switch while no one sees (Run out window) ok now im making this more confusing but knowing south park - they will do something crazy , they just made us to discuss long time but in the end ... they could make it that no one really was mysterion from all kids who were there and also idk think mysterion wants others to know his identy so maybe one of kids cover for real mysterion ....

South Park Review: Who is Mysterion?

Coon - Cartman /100% X
Tupperware - Token /100% X
Iron Maiden - Timmy /100% X
Tool-shed - Stan / 100% X
Mint Berry / Bradly 90% / Kenny 10% ?
Mysterion / Kenny 70% / 20% Kyle / Clyde 10%/ ?
Mosquito / Clyde 70 % / 20% Kyle / 10% Kenny ?
Human Kite / 90% Kyle / 10 % Kenny ? Mosquito - thats dumb costume and poor it could be Kennys but since its like Kyle's voice with closed nose (No secret Trey and Mat mess with voices often) so u cant believe what u hear - i think only Clyde can have such dumb costume . Human Kite have Kyle type replicas " let him speak ! "
Kyle and Kenny never allow Cartmen to beat them up cause they can fck kill Cartman especially Kyle since he hate Cartman and come from Jersey and Kenny want revenge him for Nascar ! Also in Coon 1 Kyle and Mysterion was together but thats maybe fight club ? Only in his mind idk. Mint berry Crunch - Bradley (Kenny speaks back better than berry to Cartmen, Maybe he drinking water cause he putting small small money in piggy bank cause he bought a PSP in 8 season :D Also Mysterion costume are close to Kenny orange costume and he hate Cartmen after nascar !!! Also Bradly looks poor to and its not combed hair, well Kenny have access to fireworks and he can resurrect but if we looking on him from total poor side hmmm he couldn't afford a comb so maye 20% he is mint but since Kenny is doing nothing maybe Matt and Tray made up that he finnaly action
aso he had robocop robot costume to PSP .. so to much to think SOuth park creators just messed up in end it could be Garrison or mr hat :D lol So, kill me and call me stupid (Sorry for my bad English not my local lang) Coon - Cartman
Tupperware - Token
Iron Maiden - Timmy
Tool-shed - Stan
Mint Berry - Bradly
Mysterion - Kenny
Mosquito - Clyde
Human Kite - Kyle