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NCIS Round Table: "Sins of the Father"

I am interested in the female friend Ziva said she was going to South America to visit. It's been itching in my brain since she said that in the premier for this season.
Also, Abby's new brother, McGee's Dad, and my gosh, I'd like to see someone from Ducky's family or a dear friend. He seems so lonely sometimes, even worse than Gibbs. I agree Ziva has been under utilized this season which is weird, since that usually happens in the SECOND half of the season, at least for the past 2 seasons. And I think while there have been some nice team moments, it seems like every show so far this season has concentrated on one team member and their handling of familial or childhood events. Maybe the Christmas episode will give us a total team effort. Also been missing the Tony/Ziva partnership. I know the powers that be fear the Moonlighting curse but they are a good team at work and I've been missing their interaction. Sigh...

Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

No doubt about it.
Tony and Ziva from NCIS.

NCIS Review: A Daughter is a Precious Thing

I thought it was an excellent episode.
And it seemed to me Ziva's head slap was totally in the mode of how Gibbs uses it, a wake-up call.
Thanks for the excellent review!
Although I think the Chaplain was calling him a "grizzly" as in grizzly bear.