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Glee Review: A Very Special Episode

GLEE is total fantasy with a touch of reality about the lives of high school students, but do we ever see any of them studying Math or History? The stresses of high school come from peer pressure and it's not only the Glee Club students who get "slushied"...it's all the kids who are different. I was in high school in the 60's and am a short guy, 5'3" and Jewish and gay. Of course I couldn't come out like Kurt or Blaine and nor could I sing like them. I had no talents per say I had to survive going to gym and being forced to play volleyball with kids who were already approaching 6'. experiences or has experienced in high school. It's and entertainment show and I wish it would stick to it and show us more of the great talents of Darren Criss, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrisson, Amber Riley...etc. I am interested in seeing where their careers go after GLEE runs it's final episode...which I have a feeling will be at the end of Season 4.

Glee Round Table: "On My Way"

I agree with ZERO...I watch Glee to be entertained and escape from daily life for an hour a week. I do like that they do handle tough topics and love that homosexuality is handled from alot of various perspectives, but this week I felt manipulated. I sensed something was up with Karofsky after watching "Heart", but I didn't expect the writers to hit us over the head in the next episode. I sat there watching and saying to myself "Is this Glee?"...I've been a soap opera fan all my life and this one episode had all the components of a bad day in soapland. I have to say it's turned me off from the show and I'm glad we have a 7 week hiatus. I'll be anxious to see if Glee goes back to it's original concept or starts crusading.