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hey death said he will reap god..so if dean nd sam needs to defeat cass then call death cause death is the only one who is powerful enough to do it..death said he is to reap god..but it does not mean real god right..it could be the new god..that perfectly fits...this could be good...even though i am sad they are throwing cass out of regulars...

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Cassie's Father's name .....

Nice deduction..i also really couldnt figure that out until last nights episode...


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How is it that Jake can do magic by himself ?

Maybe he has his family's crystal. As we know each family had a crystal.
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Jenna rection!!!

Now that she knows that Alarics wife is Isobel...and suddenly Isobel shows up on her front door..and elena saying isobel means then jenna knows that alric was surely not telling the truth..now that isobel turns out to be elenas mother and evryone sayin Isobel is dead..She will really was some truth...

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