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Can pls dont be SN boring S/L any more? JD is 100% better than SN... And where is Chair? Gossip girl is boring than ever since return..


My god! My Damon!!! you so freaking hot!


I'm so earger to see Damon and Elena has feeling to each other but cannt speak out! I love the forbidden love/unspoken love so much!! Damon is so sexy!

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Blair Waldorf's Wedding Dress

 their must be a big wedding in Seaon 4

and for god's sake, i hope S4 is the last season if it is continuing talking about SN.. I'm done with S3!


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N/S is tanking

Stop watch is becs NS becoming the focus and it is the worst than ever..

keep me yawn........

i prefer to watch TVD

when CB hot scene and S/L is back to focus... i'm back


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Dan and Serena need to come back

i agree

i cannt stand up  the boring serenate any more!!

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