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Blue Bloods Review: The God Whisperer

I'm a tad mixed on this episode (and I love Blue Bloods)....Danny's cop behavior was more for the story/show than for real. Frank's personal investigation was a good move, but I was ultimately disappointed by his (cynical?) endorsement of this priest for sainthood, when in opening scenes, it was obvious politically-scented extortion on the part of the clergy to presure the likes of Frank, the PC, to personally support the cannonization of his old parish priest. I didn't buy it, and I'm Catholic! But then this is TV.....liberties taken, but it's not accurate.
Tom Selleck still carries this show and has the best lines!

NCIS Review: The Secret Life of Tony DiNozzo

Wendy just didn't do it for me last night - I don't see her with Tony. They both need to realize that what 'was 9 years' ago is so different from what 'is now'.... Ducky is just the right person/advisor to help Tony get it straight. Gibbs has just seen the light - or so we are led to believe, and is too close to be the big advisor to Tony. Conflict of interest. Ziva is unusually quiet these days and we need to see what is up with "CI Ray" now that he is conveniently out of the country. I predict that both Tony and Ziva will again come to emotional loggerheads this season after the "other infuences" in their lives have been resolved. Consummated? maybe not....but defenitly closer.