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List your Top 10 Favorite Episodes of Grey's (Fan Fiction)

1. 4x06 'Kung Fu Fighting'

2. 2x16 +17 'It's the end of the world'

3. 2x19 'What I have done to deserve this'

4. 1x09 'Whos zoomin' who?'

5. 3x15+16+17 'Walk on Water'+'Drowning on dry Land'+'Some Kind of Miracle'

6. 3x25 'Didn't we all must have it all'

7. 5x18 'Stand by me'

8. 2x09 'Thanks for the memories'

9. 2x12 'Grandma got run over by a Reindeer'

10. 2x08 'Let it be'




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Who Is Your All-Time Grey's Anatomy Favorite Couple? (Fan Fiction)

My favorite couple is Gizzie ♥ I know that many like them more as best friends, but this is exactly my reason why I love this couple. They are best friends and because of that they are perfect as a couple :) my opinion:)

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

1. George & Izzie (love them ♥)

2. Lexie & Mark

3. Christina & Owen

4. Alex & Addison

5. Callie & Arizona

6. Izzie & Denny

7. Alex & Ava

8. George & Callie (only the beginning)

9. Callie & Mark

10. Meredith & Derek


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