Well for starters, Grey's Anatomy is my one and only show I watch. I could watch it 24/7. I just love Derek or AKA McDreamy. Him and Meredith are like the most perfect couple and just so cute. Anyway, I just love this show and I hope it never ends. :) <3<3<3

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They are just the cutest couple! They were meant to be together!! I just love this picture and the show and them and McDreamy. I could watch this show 24/7.

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OMG! Everyone should watch the 2 HOUR PREMIRE of Grey's Anatomy! IF you don't then your crazy. I'm so looking forward to MerDer. I hope they stay together and their just SO CUTE!! I love Derek and Meredith. This is going to be the best 1st episode ever! You can so tell.