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How could I forget Bailey? Love that she's letting Eli into her life - and even PDAs at the hospital! I just hope he doesn't hurt her.


I am gearing up for a looooooong post. In no particular order:
[b]Teddy and Henry finally admit they have feelings for each other[/b]: I wanted to start with some happy stuff. I am so glad that these two finally stopped beating around the bush! I have no idea how Teddy missed all the signs Henry was giving off but I guess it doesn't matter because they're finally going to give it a shot. Unlike seemingly everyone else, this was a storyline I definitely enjoyed and I'd like to see it continue next season, even if it's still really more of a Story C than any of the other relationships.
[b]Jackson and Lexie...and Mark[/b]: Anyone who thinks that Lexie and Mark have lost hope, take heart! Mark is being a good man and finally putting Lexie's happiness above his own, but it's clear that Lexie wants him to sweep her off her feet and take her away. Now that Mark KNOWS she's still not really over him, it's only going to take a moment of weakness for him to act on it. I predict that Mark and Lexie are going to have an affair and Lexie's going to majorly screw Jackson over. And then maybe Jackson will finally take the chance to stop being treated like a doormat and do something with his life. Hey, he did always have a thing for Cristina...
[b]Meredith gets away almost scot-free and with a baby, Derek just gets away[/b]: First of all, I have to say that Richard's face when he realizes what Meredith did was heartbreaking. Richard is one of my favorite characters, despite being incredibly unlikable last season, and he is SO Meredith's real father. Anyway, I called it a few days ago when I said that this was going to hearken back to the William Dunn storyline - Derek prefers a world where the sum of your actions amounts to either good or bad, whereas Meredith knows that life doesn't fit neatly into two categories like that. I am not condoning her actions - what she did was illegal and, as she realized later, really screwed a lot of truly deserving people over. But I think Meredith feels some level of responsibility for Adele, sins of the mother if you will.
Anyway, Derek's not perfect. He has every right to be mad - Meredith not only shot herself in the foot, but sullied Derek's name and research along with it. We already know he's incredibly emotionally invested in this trial, but the amount that Meredith knows about that is probably limited. Derek has the tendency to hurl insults at Meredith that hit right at her deepest insecurities - is it right? No, but you know what, he's pissed and he's not perfect. Also, I wouldn't say he's "left" Meredith - he's doing what he said he had to do immediately after he told Meredith she was a bad mother and he's taking space. He'll eventually see her side and at least apologize for his actions and probably admit to understanding where she was coming from. Derek ends up doing the right thing in the end, even if it takes him awhile to get there. Also, remember it is very unlikely that he knows that Zola is home - he's ignoring Meredith's calls so how would he? If he knew, he would not have abandoned Meredith to care for her by herself, no matter how angry he is.
Sidenote: I love Meredith with Zola, and that she doesn't babytalk but the way she just has a conversation with her very earnestly is so endearing. I really hope all goes well with the adoption process because she is just too cute!
[b]Owen tries to get Cristina to bear him a child[/b]: If you ask me, the supreme ass of the episode is Owen. He was literally trying to convince Cristina to have a baby and then totally hand it off to him. You cannot [i]make[/i] a woman have a baby - she's the one who actually has to give birth to it. Yes, Owen should get to speak his piece as the child is his as well, but at the end of the day it's Cristina's body that has to bear the brunt of the decision. You can blame Cristina and say she's selfish, but we've known she didn't want children from day 1. That said, I was completely blown out of the water that Cristina acknowledged that if she did have a baby for Owen, she would feel guilty about not being able to give it the love it deserves. I've always assumed that Cristina just hates kids but it's interesting that she simply is able to understand that she would not be able to provide for the child the way it would need, especially emotionally. I think that Ellis Grey is never far from Cristina's mind when considering the kid issue - she knows how the life of a surgeon wreaked havoc on Meredith's childhood and honestly, is Cristina all that different from Ellis? It's a very complicated issue, but Owen cannot make Cristina have this baby. My heart aches for both of them and I'd like for them to both get what they want but I have no idea how that would work. Also, while I think Owen is an ass for trying to talk Cristina into it, I do think he's within his rights to be pissed about her scheduling an abortion - I cannot imagine what it's like to know that a potential life that you so want to meet will never get a chance to be, even though it could if given the chance. Nobody's wrong here, but everyone suffers.
[b]Alex realizes how badly he's screwed up this time[/b]: Meredith has been there for Alex since Season 1 - often she's been the only one in his corner. She's understandably hurt, and I think Alex is really feeling the sting because, unfortunately, Meredith is the latest in a long string of girls who have managed to take a piece of Alex and then leave him in the lurch. There HAS to be something good coming his way next season because the guy has seriously taken 7 seasons of whatever shit the writers could think of to throw at him. The fact that he goes to the adoption official and makes a recommendation for Meredith just goes to show you how much he's grown in the past few years, and Meredith, who like Derek is angry, knows that Alex wasn't entirely wrong in speaking up and you can tell she feels a bit of a punch to the gut when she sees his bed stripped. Unlike Derek, Meredith is fairly quick to forgive (when you don't abandon her as a child, that is, in which case she holds a hell of a grudge).
[b]April is Chief Resident[/b]: Not entirely surprised. It's a boring job anyway, I don't think Alex or Meredith would have really enjoyed it. April has the personality for it and we'll probably get to make more jokes at her expense.
[b]Lack of Callie/Arizona airtime[/b]: I don't dislike this couple at all, but this episode without their crazy-ass lives shoved down our throats was a breath of fresh air and honestly, I didn't miss them one bit.


Dear everyone who says the show sucks now, No one is making you watch. If you want to go back to the olden days of Grey's featuring reckless sex, stupid decisions, and (guess what?) baby scares, Seasons 1-6 are all out on DVD, go purchase them and quit complaining.
Personally I feel this is the best season in awhile. Yes, the number of baby and wedding stories seems high, but the Grey's gang is growing up and everyone in that age group has to consider marriage and babies, whether they participate or not. So you could say that, yes, all of the characters ARE affected by babies, or at least by their choices regarding having a baby.
Seasons 5 and 6 were all about growing up and facing more adult situations too, but I feel that this season did that AND lightened the mood and brought back the "classic Grey's" feel to it.
Regarding the Meredith situation: I think this choice will bring serious consequences to Mer's career, but I don't think it will be as bad as the promo editor wants us to think. Like I've said before, Meredith did make a bad choice but it was out of the best intentions, and the patient it was made for was clearly very close to her heart. Derek will realize this - after all, it's one of the reasons he loves her and they will reconcile - perhaps not this season though.
Teddy & Henry: These two are too cute. I really want Teddy to realize that what she wants is right here in front of her. Mainly I just really like Henry and want him to stick around.
Cristina & Owen: First of all, to all those assuming that they are having unprotected sex, I am sure that someone as adamant about not having children as Cristina is religious about taking the pill. That said, no form of birth control is 100% effective - condoms are 98% effective at preventing when used properly by themselves, but health experts guess that condom use results in 2 to 4 pregnancies per 100 women per year and that adds up.
That said, this couple is majorly caught between a rock and a hard place. As much as I want Owen to have a baby, Cristina is clearly against it and I don't see that ever changing. And unfortunately, she is the one carrying it. My first thought is that Cristina would want to have an abortion, Owen would break up with her and then Cristina would suffer a miscarriage, pull an Arizona and come back to Owen ready to have children, but I think we've had enough miscarriages and pregnancies bringing people together this season. So I'm really curious to see where the writers take this.

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Doctor Personalities

I think I'm a little bit of Mer, because I know I have the talent to do whatever I need to do but when the going gets tough I freak out. I also like to mother my friends a lot. =) But also some Alex because I can come across as a real jerk.

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What was the first Grey's episode you ever watched? (Episodes)

Can't remember the name, it's the one where Mer takes up knitting but Izzie is secretly knitting for her so she thinks she's good. So the second half of Season 2, I think. I've since seen every episode multiple times. =P

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Surprising PAST Roles for Grey's Actors

Ellen Pompeo has been on an episode of Friends and in Catch Me If You Can (I love that movie!).

Patrick Dempsey played Reese Witherspoon's fiance in Sweet Home Alabama.

James Pickens Jr. was on JAG a couple of times.

Also, I've seen Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez, Jesse Williams, and Kim Raver in some form or another of Law & Order.


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