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drcookchick & Dimples61: You're saying that Derek is being an ass or a jerk. But come on, he's just being human. Yeah, sure it's unbelievable frustrating that he's acting like this - but it doesn't make him less McDreamy in my eyes. He's just going through a really difficult time and happens to take out all those angry and hard feelings out on the woman he loves the most. People do that sometimes - we hurt the people we love the most. Does freaking out and being depressed make him entitled to being called negative things? He's not an ass just because he's taking all his frustration out on Mer. He still loves her - that hasn't changed.

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greysaddiction: You have some good points.
Just wanted to clear with you guys that I didn't say Mer would make a bad mother. I just think - as greysaddiction - that she needs more time before she's ready to even think about babies. So I don't think we'll be hearing MerDer babie-footsteps in a while - At least not this season.