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OMG! Sounds awesome!
I loved "Piece of my heart" even though it wasn't an entire cross-over episode. Looking forward to it =D

Promo For "Life During Wartime"

haha laura i thought mer holding the doll was strange too! from watching one of the sneak peaks, it sounds like it's an "Anatomy Doll" with 24 removable organs and something can be added to make her look pregnant! it's one very cool doll ;) when she tells cristina about it before they start running, it was given to her when she was about 5 (probably from her mum)


Hi McObsested! You're so lucky to be able to meet them! I wish I had that opportunity. hmmm...hard decision, but i'd go with Patrick =D because he's soooo damn attractive. Maybe one of your friends could ask to meet ellen so you and your friend can meet both of them xD Rose is SUCH a psychopath. Maybe she could go to the psych ward with ava or something =PP

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Engagement Speech (Fan Fiction)

Awww that's so sweet! If only that really happened... Great job greysanatomyismylife!

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You know you're a Grey's fan when...

Haha I've been declared crazy too! Monday morning (they air Grey's on Sunday here) is full of Grey's discussion... especially for the exciting or disappointing bits!

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Derek's getting ready for proposing! - pics (Spoilers)


haha as long as Mer turns up... even if it's hours later and accepts I'll be sooo happy!!

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