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Hart of Dixie Review: Team Not the Vet

This was a fun episode, Lemon has been growing on me. I kinda think Lemon & George have a lot of chemistry/love and would like it if this show would just drop the Levon Hayes triangle. Wade is still the best.

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Gossip Girl Producer Previews "Yes, Then Zero"

Joshua Safran likes his show way too much to be objective. So how long do we have to waste our time on the wedding storyline, she cheated on Louis so when he finds out its obviously over between them. Is that storyline going to be the Bass Industries storyline this season where you fast forward until something interesting happens. Surprisingly I'm really interested in Serena's storyline, which is a new thing. Dan's storyline will keep me watching.

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Glee Review: "Rumours"

did you completely miss the first season where Rachel used singing to seduce Finn away Quinn? Where Finn would proceed to cheat on Quinn with Rachel.