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Darena vs Chair

lol did I spell Derena wrong? haha I didn't know there was an official spelling. 

I think on a Dan-Chuck comparison, I don't think Chuck is a "better" person. Firstly, every character on the show did something questionable - a common tactic by the writers was to bring in a "good", untainted character and have them succomb to the schemingness of the UES (see Dan, Jenny, Vanessa, Lola). Chuck was brought on as a "bad boy" so anything honourabe he did was seen as exceptional while Dan suffered more from the opposite - being judged as an asshole because hes the good guy doing dishonourable things. You have to also remember that even after loving Blair, Chuck chose his hotel over her, he got drunk and almost beat her, his selfishness of being better than his father outweighed his love for her even until the final episode. Having said that, I do not think him allowing his father to die was what made him a bad guy - he let this happen because Bart threatened Blair. To me, this was him FINALLY reacting to something related to Blair in a way that makes me BELIEVE he loves her. 

Now the character of Dan in the final season was MANHANDLED. The writers thought that by making him a jerk, they can redeem him by revealing him as Gossip Girl. The writers didnt even plant the seeds of him falling back in love with Serena - they played it off like he was merely using her for his book. That is completely unlike the character of Dan who worshiped her! It blew my mind. 

Anyway, I was extremely frustrated. I've come to realize I only ever enjoyed s1 of Gossip Girl, maybe season 2. 

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Darena vs Chair

So seeing as the finale consisted of these two pairings' weddings, I was wondering which couple drew you in the most. And why you think one couple is the "ultimate" GG couple. In some peoples eyes, Chair is the heart of GG while Darena is what starting it all. I also have a favourite of the two.

This season of GG (and the past few) haven't lived up to what it was in season 1 and 2, as so many of you probably agree. I personally didn't know what it was that ruined it for me or why I started to not care. I used to WAIT for Mondays and watch the episode that night. Recently, I've been 10 or more episodes behind. I just didn't care. And I realized its because they turned GG into the Chuck and Blair show. They made almost every storyline revolve around how they will be together. And I also realized that as a couple, they drive me crazy!! GG went downhill for me when they ruined Dan and Serena. They were why I watched. It was the ultimate West Side Story love story. Every girl wanted to be Serena and find her Dan (the guy that knew she was too good for him but loved her anyway) and then suddenly Dan was all over the place, Serena was a bitch and then within the last 3 episodes, they fall back in love? I'm just disappointed they threw Dan and Serena aside for the last season and a half (and I'm not talking about their romantic story, but their actual storylines) and then they remembered them by making Dan fall for Blair, then turn on all his friends, and suddenly want Serena again all in the span of 10 episodes! The loss of the characters of Dan and Serena lost me as an invested viewer. Chuck and Blair just never did it for me, for SO many reasons. To me, GG will be the Dan and Serena story of season 1. They made me swoon.

Anyway I can talk about this all day but I would like to hear from some of you and see different points of views!

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