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Dexter Review: Take It!

I'm sorry but I completely agree with Matt. Dexter has been my favourite programme over the last four seasons, but this season has been appalling. The pace is slow, the script takes everyone for idiots - crassly explaining everything where once it would have subtly insinuated. I also completely fail to bond with Lumen - Stile's performance is lifeless, and feels diluted after having Miguel and Trinity precious seasons as the main guest stars. The jumping the shark plot devices, of which there are too many to go into, but tonight's 'body dumping' being inexplicably performed close to shore while Robocop sat on his bright green sportscar using a comedy scoobydoo lens (yes, I'm aware that some lenses have a long reach, but not in the dark!) was tonight's pick of the bunch. The script is really, really baggy right now. Lumen's questioning of Jordan Chase being implicated because 'he wasn't in the photo'? I mean think about that, it's just an incredibly dumb and heavy line. I'm frankly grinding my way through this series, if there is one thing keeping it afloat it's Peter Weller's sparkling performances. We need more of him. I'm not criticising for the sake of it, Dexter, particularly seasons 1 and 4 used to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The series is like being cheated on by a lover - it actually hurts. Oh dear...