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Terra Nova Review: Son of a Son of a Taylor

I believe your problem with Terra Nova is that you want a shoot em up, beat em up violent show. What we have is a family oriented imaginative show that I love. Each week we see characters care about and support each other, sometimes struggling with doing what may be right and or wrong in that support. Of course problems aren't solved like Castle or Jane, they're in the dinosaur age for heaven's sake. Bad acting? Taylor is fantastic in his ruling over Terra Nova and we find out more about him everyweek. The rest may not be great actors but at the least I'd call them good.
I'm actually not looking forward to young Taylor's involvement. I would rather see them struggle to exist with the dinosaurs and the unknown outside of the gates than bring in the evil humans because that's been done over and over and it's pretty predictable. The quality that made the show unique will be lost with a bunch of rich, selfish bad guys from the future running around.
Can't a show just be something the tv audience looks forward to watching each week without having all Emmy Award winning acting by everyone.
Just sit back and enjoy the scenery, it's beautiful, and so is the show.

Eureka Review: Animation Celebration

Absolutely loved this show, it was very creative and unusual. This show needs to be around for years. Oh that's right, only 1 more year. Someone isn't thinking with the SciFi side of their brain.

Terra Nova Review: Who Has Skeletons?

This is TV not a full length movie that I need to pay to see, and while I expect good TV as well this show is good. It's good because of the family connection which makes it a show for the whole family. I find it fun, entertaining and good escapism. Why can't a show just be fun? Terra Nova is refreshingly new. I would also prefer that they stay with the dinosours and methods of survival rather than bringing politics and money making into it. The interactions of the characters/family is entertaining enough for me.