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True Blood Review: Dead Red?

ok... I love the show!! First thing.
I tired of the red head and the stuipd doll thing going on I due believe if anyone shouold be killed that should be the one. Second thing.
Come on i tired of sam and tommy. Tommy..is easy to perdict that they were going to get him to kill his parents and shift in to Sam. I have been skipping theses parts (On the first time I watch it)they are boring I rather have more about Eric and sookie and bill. Jessica and Jason... is good thing.. The Tara thing is kind of boarding up until this episode but it is a little weird! Jesus and Lafayette is a good part this time but really it was getting to much time on the show. I hope jessica stays she is a wonderful actor.. and very good twist to the story.. Also did u hear the shot on the out side of the house right before Jessica walk in to the light!! But all in time someone has to die!! JUST NOT ERIC, JESSICA, JASON, BILL, SOOOKIE, Lafayette.